REV Captor

The REV Captor is an innovative new flood light. It is designed to provide superior foreground illumination than anything else on the market. It combines high CRI with high-output and efficient light usage by means of a novel light shaping technology. This flashlight is about lighting up a huge area with high quality diffuse light as efficiently as possible. This flashlight is capable of lighting an entire American football field in one shot.

The beam is far more than a simple diffusion. The beam is super wide at 170° to wrap around where it is needed but avoids wasting energy trying to light areas that need little if any light. Namely in the vertical axis. This means the Captor will not put an excessive amount of light directly at your feet but will redirect a portion of it to areas that need more light. Also trying to light the area significantly above the horizon is wasteful as that light would merely be lost to the sky so that light too is redirected to become part of the useable beam. It is this intelligent use of light that allows us to light up such a large area without wasting massive amounts of energy or having a huge flashlight. It is Efficient by design.

Beyond simply the output and breadth of the beam is the Quality of the light that the Captor gives. There are three areas where the Captor's light quality excels.

-High CRI at high color temp

-Low Glare

-Soft Shadows


High CRI-The high CRI at high color temp is achieved by supplementing the output of two cool white XML2 LEDs with one warm white XML2. The reason for this is that the high CRI LED has a deeper red component to it that the cool white LEDs lack. The lack of a significant red component is the reason so many LED lights produce a ghostly blue hue. With the Captor however the colors are richly reproduced.

Low Glare-Glare is caused by intense sources of light. It is not as much a function of how much total light there is but rather how much light there is per given unit of space. So let's say we have two flashlights that both put out 1000 lumens. On one light the actual light emitting area is 1mm x1mm and the other is 2mmx2mm.  Which one will create more glare? Despite the fact that they both have the same overall amount of light the fact that the light with the 1mm x 1mm emitting surface has the light packed into a tighter space means it will appear more intense, both to someone directly viewing the source, but also when viewing the reflections of the source. This effect is true when viewing objects on both the macro and micro scale. At the macro scale would be reflections from objects like glass windows or the chrome on cars(think of the times you have caught a glint of an HID headlight at night). At the micro scale things like fabric, skin, and a million other things take on a slightly speckled appearance. The effect is hard to describe in words but easy to see in practice. The Captor has an extremely high emission surface area to drastically reduce glare compared to the average flashlight. The best way I can describe the diffuse light quality of the Captor is buttery soft. It is very pleasing to the eyes. 

Soft Shadows-Since the Captor has a large emitting surface it does not create hard line shadows. The light can in many instances wrap around an object and have no appreciable cast shadow at all. This effect is especially pronounced in an engine bay with all the pipes and wires everywhere. The light can wrap around these making it far easier to see. I have been using the Captor almost exclusively when gardening at night. It allows me to check on my tomatoes and see farther into the bush since the light is not blocked as easily by branches. There are many more example than can be recounted here but this effect is very real and very beneficial. The other point of note here is the practical effect that the soft shadows have when moving about your environment. Hard shadows from normal flashlights are distracting to the brain. They seem to dance about as you move. This distracting effect is drastically reduced by the Captor's soft shadows as it is in fact reducing the amount of shadows there are as well as providing a soft gradation at the shadow to light boundary. This in real terms makes life much easier for the brain which is having to process all that extraneous visual information.


 If you want to hear me yammer on about this light there is a longer video below.

Features and Specification:

- Runs on (3) 18650 rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries sold separately. You absolutely must use high quality "protected" cells.

- LED: three Cree XM-L2 LEDs (2 cool white and 1 warm white for enhanced CRI)
- Max 2500 lumens output
- Infinite brightness magnetic control ring ,minimum brightness : 3 lumen ,fully variable from minimum 20 lumen to maximum 2500 lumens;                                                                                                                  - Max viewing distance is about 300' depending on ambient weather and light as well as target albedo
- Working voltage: 4V to 13V.
- Max runtime: 1200 hours.
- Impact resistant: 1.2 meters.
- Waterproof to IPX-6
- Size: 181(L)x 68.00(bezel diameter) unit: mm.
- Weight: 520g without battery.
- Stainless 304 bezel and rotate-ring
- Can directly recharge batteries with included magnetic charge cable. Comes with an AC-DC adapter and a car charger for charging the batteries inside the flashlight at home or on the go.
- Aircraft grade aluminum body structure.
- Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
- Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
- Momentary forward click tactical switch.
- Stand-by mode for easy on-off switching in session
- Tactical knurling for firm grip.
- Mechanical reversed polarity protection design for battery carrier.
- Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance
  and long run time.
- Specially designed for  Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue and Outdoor activities.
- Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety.

Regarding Charging

Input : 5V DC  Output : 4.2V DC/500MA *3 MAX

Charging time: depends on the capacity of the batteries , Charging time = battery capacity/500mA + 0.5 hour


Comes with: REV Captor, carrying case, spare O-rings, magnetic USB charging cord, car charging adapter, home AC charging adapter(US style), holster, user manual, and lanyard. This is also covered by our standard limited lifetime warranty.



REV Captor

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