OSTS Night Master Green

Note-This product is now discontinued


The OSTS Night Master is an extremely intense long throw LED flashlight for hunting and law enforcement work or wherever an extremely powerful handheld and pocketable thrower is needed. The collimation type is aspheric which features a spot only type beam without any sidespill light.  There is nothing else even remotely close to the intensity of this beam in this size class.

There is always a lot of talk about lumens in regards to flashlight power. Keep in mind however that how many lumens a light has does not give any indication of how well a particular light will throw or how far the beam will go. When it comes to throw the measurment you want to know is the candela as noted in specs as cd or Kcd which means thousand candela. The OSTS Night Master is rated at 90Kcd which written another way is 90,000cd. The next closest light at this size in all the world is 58.4Kcd. So you can see this light is no joke.

This listing is for the Green light version of the OSTS Night Master. There are also Red and White versions available. An infrared version is in the works for those who need long distance night vision scope illumination.



  • 90Kcd ANSI beam distance 600 meters
  • Runs on 2xCR123, 2x protected RCR123(rechargable) or one rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion cell although power will be reduced with an 18650
  • TypeIII anodized finish
  • Dimensions: 160mm(Length)x 53mm(Head)x 27mm(housing)
  • Weight: 252-gram weight not including battery
  • Accessories: Extra O-rings, switch cover

OSTS Night Master Green

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