About Us/Technical info

We are so confident in the quality of our lights that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our flashlights!! See details here.


OneStopThrowShop is a flashlight mod house run by avid flashlight enthusiast Michael Johnson(aka saabluster)  creator of the OMG Lumens line of lights which have held world records in throw for LED based products for almost 10 years.

You can be assured that the longest throwing LED lights in the world live here and only here. Regardless of the format you are seeking, be that reflector, aspheric, or TIR we will have the farthest throwing versions available in the world today. Please note that research and development is a huge part of what we do and being a small family operation product launches are few and far between. That said when we do release products they are always worth the wait. 

 Our mission is to create phenomenal products that significantly outperform the OEM market by focusing on details overlooked by mass manufacturers and offer a high value to performance ratio.

One of the things we excel at is an almost fanatical attention to the fundamental science behind proper flashlight construction. This is a twofold approach that gives equal attention to the basic design but also the final assembly processes. Even the best design can be failed by poor assembly techniques. 


Here is a brief overview of some of the technical considerations and modifications we make.


We have a full suite of high tech instruments used to aid us in the development of our products. Why? Because guessing or theorizing about how a certain assembly technique or design will work in the real world doesn't always work the way it "should".

An integrating sphere is used to properly quantify light output of various lights and confirm that certain mods are having a measurable effect.

A lux meter is used to measure beam intensity and can identify focal or output issues so they can be rectified. All lights we sell get tested to assure they meet spec.

A thermal imaging camera is used to identify thermal transfer issues and refine the assembly techniques. We can test various thermal compounds to see which one provides the best performance in a given light. The thermal camera also aids in identifying wires that are not of sufficient thickness and may be overheating. A macro lens setup allows us to test the LED chip for junction temps to prevent unsafe currents to the LED as well as evaluate driver boards for weak components that may cause early failures.


In this image you can see the difference our diligence makes. The light on the left has been modified by us and the one on the right is stock.

Everything is the same between these two lights except the thermal enhancements we have made to increase output and durability. Notice that the modified light is much hotter on the outside. The light on the right is producing the same amount of heat but that heat is trapped inside the light where it increases LED junction temperatures which lowers light output and reduces LED life. If you get the heat to the outside then the surface can shed that heat away.